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Mes petites paroles: Is reading a book like being with a real friend?

The quote a good book is a true friend comes to mind with this question. In my favorite comic strip “Mafalda” by Quino, this quote is brought to action. When Miguelito is in need of a friend, he goes to Mafalda and asks her how he can find one, to which she answers a good book is always a good friend. Miguelito then goes home pulls out two chairs, positions the book in one, sits himself in the other, and starts asking the book questions he would ask any friend. This was always one of my favorite episodes from the series.

This question can be answered in two ways. 

Those people who don’t like to read, might not consider a book as being their good friend, because they have no interest in discovering the stories told within. The only time I can think of them seeing a book as a good friend is if the book has any sentimental value to them. 

To those people who like to read, a book might be considered a good friend. To me personally, it’s not so much that a book is a good friend but that I might relate to the characters and to the stories being told. Whenever I like a book I find myself immersed in that specific universe, unaware of what might be happening around me. You become like an accomplice, a confidante of some kind always in “the in” of what’s happening and looking out for your peeps. I might catch myself: laughing at times (pretty awkward when reading in public spaces) feeling a lump in my throat or simply smiling when I agree with the outcome. I might sometimes even find the inspiration needed to complete a certain task. 

So answering this question… I have to say that my shelves are filled with treasured friends and memories. 

                                                                                                                 - M

Credit: Question from “Consider This - Questions That Make You Think” by Barbara Ann Kipfer/ Image Credit: 

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